It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, not the holiday season... Engagement and Wedding Season!! This is such an exciting time, looking forward to the new journey in life as "one flesh"!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now, let's get to some serious business. I'm not trying to sound bossy or demanding. I'm being real with you. I turn away more weddings than I book because I'm only one person and can only do so much on any given weekend. When I'm booked, I'm booked. I know this also goes for other wedding vendors across all categories. We all start emailing & texting each other to ask "who is still available?" So, my advice is always, "As soon as you know you want to book with me, DO IT!" All you need to know is the venue, the wedding date, approximately how many people you will be feeding, and your chosen cake and icing flavors. From that we can get you on the calendar and do a cake tasting. We can talk about the design of the cake/s, the style/theme, colors, etc. The important thing is to GRAB the DATE! Take this as wedding gospel as this applies to everyone. Don't wait 6 or 8 months out to book because a wedding guide or blog told you that's what to do. Book it! Book it now! This isn't meant to pressure you at all. If you're unsure, no worries, there will always be someone available & even if I'm booked, I'll do my best to help find someone for you. However, there is no reason to wait if you know that you like the vender! Just DO IT!


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