Cake is Expensive?

Cake isn't expensive. On the contrary... walk through any grocery store & you can pick up a cake for $7.99! Got a big party? You can grab Bob's retirement party cake for $18.99 without even calling ahead to order it! Cake is not expensive at all. Wedding cake, however, is not even in the same category. Yeah, it's cake. But it's so much more. It takes yearrrrrrrs of training to do a wedding cake, to do it exceptionally well, to make it not only the highest quality cake you'll have, but to make it delicious and perfect and like a supermodel for pictures, that will stand for hours and hours, after taking it for a drive without it falling over. That takes skill! Most people think, "It's just a cake", but it's so much more, and holding it up against a $1.00 box of Betty Crocker is a false comparison. It's hard to conceptualize all that goes into these things, but trust me, on the day, you want the best of the best!!! That's what you get with a professional cake designer! A wedding cake is a cake only in the sense that you can eat it. The rest is artistry, experience, and skill. That sets it apart.​


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