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Fran "Franny" & John Allen

Franny's Bartending & Event Services is a mobile event service and staffing company run by a fun-loving, business-minded, husband & wife team that puts customer success first; the rest always follows. Both Fran and John have years of experience in the customer service and hospitality industries, and bring that expertise with them wherever they and their staff goes.





Our mission at Franny's Bartending & Event Services is to provide top-of-the-line service, and a good time. We connect with our customers to provide them a personalized and professional service that meets and exceeds their needs.


Franny's Bartending & Event Services is insured and all staff are certified.






 Meet Your Planner 


Yvonne Moore has had a passion for parties and event planning ever sense grade school! From Baby Showers to Weddings and Conferences to Birthdays there isn't an event that she hasn't done! She is a wife and a mom of 3 beautiful children. Houston is home, but she loves to travel for events! Her clients are her top priorities and she strives to meet every need! 


Its  the Little Things


Here at Yvonne Moore Events we care about the little things, the behind the scenes things, and the things usually forgotten. These are the things that make a perfect occasion where our clients can enjoy a stress free celebration! We can't to plan your next big event!





JKC Design + Events is the newest design & event planning firm located in The Woodlands, TX. Our mission is to simply "capture the moments" for each client​

Houston Wedding Photographer specializing in serving couples and helping them every step of the way. I would love to be part of your special day.


Your wedding is your most special day. You want photos that you can treasure for years to come, and you also want a photographer who you can have fun and be yourself with. I want to make your wishes come true!​

​HEYY GUYS!! I'm Casandra, a.k.a. Cassie!


Here’s the important stuff:

I’m anything but normal, I say weird catch phrases like (man, y’all, no prob bob, etc). I have crazy hair that changes quite often, I’m very loud, I say a few cuss words every now and then, and I always speak my mind. I am very honest and I always keep it real with everyone: including family, friends and my clients (I’m not here to BS you, I am going to tell you whats up), and I TRULY care about every one of my clients.

If you are wanting common, simple, cookie-cutter portraits, that look like everyone else’s, YOU HAVE COME TO THE WRONG PLACE!! I try to stay away from the ORDINARY, with my poses, my backgrounds, and even my editing styles. I like my work and my clients to stand out. We aren’t meant to be like everyone else, we are meant to be us.

I’m all about taking unique portraits that match each person or family and their quirks and unique qualities. I take the time to get to know you and your personality that most photographers do not, so that you are sure to receive portraits that you love and express who you are!

EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT  and has something UNIQUE about them, and NO ONE deserves to be treated like everyone else! If you enjoy fun, outgoing, ‘keep it real” vibes, then we are a perfect match!

Check out my gallery and see if you’re into my work. If so, HIT ME UP and lets create some bomb ass portraits.



 Your Special Event Experts


At The Pavilion At Vida Bela, we can bring your wedding and special event ideas to fruition. Our picturesque wedding venue offers the perfect setting for your dream wedding. Let us help you create a memorable experience for you and your guests.


Give your Happily-Ever-After a beautiful beginning at the enchanting Pavilion at Vida Bela! From rustic to elegant, your wedding dreams can become reality in the 7,200 square-foot indoor pavilion or in the charming outdoor gazebo standing on an island surrounded by a pristine, four-acre private lake. Your ceremony will be set among expansive vistas of the lush Piney Woods of north Houston, and the 74-acres of Vida Bela offer countless opportunities for breath-taking photographs of a couple’s treasured moments. The Pavilion is equipped with well-appointed bride and groom facilities as well as a state-of-the-art kitchen where delicacies can be readied for the enjoyment of the wedding party and guests. The Pavilion at Vida Bela is the perfect place for you to create the most exciting chapter of your love story!




The Pavilion at Vida Bela​

Fourteen 86 Events​



Where Casual Country Charm Creates Romance. Fourteen 86 Events is the perfect venue if you like shabby-chic with a little bit of country charm.




Hello, Howdy, How yall doin’!!! I just wanted to say hello with my first blog post. As you get to know more of Faryl’s Events, I thought you would get to know a little bit more about me as well. So without further ado I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jonitra Faryl Smith, but you can call me Joni.


About me 

If yall couldn’t tell from greeting yes I am from Texas. I was born in Austin, TX and raised in Houston, TX. I am an LEO through and through born August 1st. My favorite color is orange and green, for its bright, colorful, and cheerful spirit. I am a big dog person and cat person (large cat only.) My favorite time of year is the beginning of a crisp South Texas winter, because in actuality it feels more like the beginning of fall. 


I am a self-proclaimed nerd. If you were to ask me; Are you team Marvel or DC? I would say that I’m 3/4ths Marvel and 1/4th DC. Marvel gives me: love for both heroes and villains,  great backstories, character development, and intricate storylines (even though there are various timelines and universes). My favorite Marvel character will always be Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk). On the other hand, DC gives me a love for villains. My favorite DC villain is Edward Nygma (The Riddler, specifically Jim Carrey’s portrayal in 1995 Batman Forever).

The reason why my nerddom is so important to me is because it a direct parallel to the fight I provide for my clients. I will fight for the ideas of my clients just as Jennifer Walters fights for her clients in and outside of the courtroom as She-Hulk. The Riddler, I can solve complex problems and come up with unique solutions to address any concerns my clients might have. 


How Faryl’s Events was Born

Faryl’s Events had been a dream of mine since I was little and didn’t even know what a wedding planner was. When I was in elementary school(6 or 7 years old) we had to go to computer class once a week. When our class work was done who ever had the pleasure of sitting next to me in class would receive a world class wedding planned in clip-art photos. I know I’m showing my age but this is where my dream started. 

I started planning events when I was in high school. It all started with me planning our schools Halloween dance. It was the most envigorating thing for me to do in my high school career. I planned the dance for about 2 or 3 years. I also, planned a few events for family and friends. However, once I graduated I put that on goal of mine on hold. Until one of my college friend got engaged. That resparked my longing to become a wedding planner agian. 

I then started my research on on how to become a wedding planner. Classes, courses, confrences, and networking. I did all of this trying to figre out how this would work as a business. I gathered as much information as possible. I was doing this while working in retail full time. But, I finally decided to tak the leep and start my business. 

Since offically starting my business in 2018, I have met many diffrent types of couples and vendors. I have learned alot about owning my business. And, I couldn’t be happier.





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